Boys Will Be Boys

In the first line you see the boys arrive to service late. They are fooling around; one boy is pushing his friend into the girl in front of him while his friends laugh. In the second line, while the congregation is praying, the boys are sleeping in the back pew. The third lines shows the boys being the first ones out of the church The mothers are warning them to stay out of trouble but... While everyone is at the picnic, the boys are hiding behind an oak tree smoking things they shouldn't and shooting craps. As usual, the mothers catch them. The boys are grabbed by their shirt with fingers wagging in their face, smacked on the head, beaten with a cane and dragged off by their ear.

Rent Party

Sometimes in New Orleans if you accidentally drink away your rent money and you had to pay your rent, you can invite all of your musician friends over, and charge $5 at the door. This means that you can have a great party while still paying rent!

Lu Lu White

Lu Lu White was a famous Storyville Madam who ran the Mahogany Hall. In this painting, you can see the many going-ons in the parlour between the ladies of the night and their gentlemen callers.

Dancing Skeletons

Here in New Orleans, the Voodoo capital of the world, we celebrate not only life but also death. The Skeleton Series is a reflection of that celebration.

Frenchmen St.

Every Friday and Saturday night around 10pm on the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres street, you can catch the live brass band that performs in the street until 2am.

Palm Court Jazz Cafe


Jazz Funeral


Spotted Cat

Blue Nile

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